1. danny1228's Avatar
    Is anyone else having this problem with the new facebook app? Its supposed to have push notifications. It was working fine the first couple of days after the release but now its right back to notifying only when I physically open the app. What gives? Is it the app or my phone?

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    12-18-2010 08:33 PM
  2. MHBlink8's Avatar
    Check out this thread, it appears that very few people are having success with push notifications. I have yet to ever have any on my DInc.

    12-18-2010 08:50 PM
  3. Smokexz's Avatar
    Working fairly well on a Nexus S running Gingerbread stock, lol?
    12-18-2010 09:51 PM
  4. Chris Kerrigan's Avatar
    Like MHBlink said, check out that thread for all the Facebook stuff regarding the recent update.

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    12-18-2010 10:00 PM