1. Snappy Phoenix's Avatar
    I want to be able to take videos @ 60FPS in HD resolution and then combine them together with nice transition effects so they won't appear like they were just cut off and moved on to the next video...

    Also if there is a way to actually take the video, then pause the recording, then continue shooting, it would actually be easier/better than having to combine separate videos
    11-05-2015 04:20 AM
  2. Snappy Phoenix's Avatar
    These are some best video editing apps. You can try any of these apps.
    AndroVid Video Editor
    Andromedia Video Editor
    Video Maker Pro
    VidTrim Pro
    Snip Video Trimmer
    Clesh Video Editor
    Thanks, I bought AndroVid Editor Pro as the others had bad reviews
    11-05-2015 10:54 AM

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