1. jasontmcdaniel's Avatar
    Ever since I updated to the newest version of the Twitter for Android app, my tweets have not been posting to Facebook. I have tried using Selective Tweets and the Twitter Connect apps on Facebook and neither one works.

    Anyone else having this issue or know of a solution? I've searched and haven't been successful in finding anything. Thanks!
    02-17-2011 12:13 PM
  2. RUSH's Avatar
    Have you tried logging out of your facebook account? (Btw) there are two ways of posting to twitter... which one are you using - the app or the widget?
    02-17-2011 12:21 PM
  3. jasontmcdaniel's Avatar
    I've logged in and out multiple times. I use the app itself.
    02-17-2011 12:27 PM