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    I am trying to do this :

    1. Enable the pin/lock screen when I shut down the phone - done

    2. then, when the phone reboots, after I log in for the first time, I want to disable the above lock screen.

    Is there any way to perform the second requirement in tasker?

    So far I have tried commands for reboot, start monitoring and the start of a particular program that starts at reboot.

    Nothing works. When I run these manually, everything works.

    I need to do this for additional security purposes at startup, and also for fun. My locker starts a little after reboot (a problem with all third party lockers that cannot be solved) allowing access to home/apps/etc.

    I have a rooted Galaxy S3 on VZW, 4.4.2 android with Secure Settings and Tasker.

    12-23-2015 12:13 AM

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