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    Installed the Google Play Store, Data ON-OFF app that is supposed to be able to turn off or on data cellular usage with a single click. Am uncertain how to actually implement that function as there are no directions and could not find any user use information online as though users are supposed to already be familiar with its icons. As a free to install ap more annoying is when opened so one can perform the toggle function, all manner of ads jump onto the screen for no reason with a message relating for $1 one can make that go away. To move away from the ads one uses the back button. At this point am at the annoyed threshold of uninstalling it.

    The app has 5 icons at the top. From left the first one a little circle with an i does not seem do anything? The second a gear (settings) icon by default is set to Enable Mobile Data with a check mark. By selecting that to toggle it a Warning screen appears warning of a 5.0 Lollipop bug. The next icon like 12:20 clock is set to OFF but if ON can set some other saving modes, some of which are self explanatory, some are not. The next icon selects the app icon graphic. Then the rightmost icon, another 12:20 clock icon, has a button that toggles ON OFF with a Clear button below. I expect that is the one click feature but there is obviously more going on here when the app is open and I don't trust what some of it may be trying to do in the background.. Maybe there is a link to the app website with some clarity though it is drowned out when web searching by all the sites offering to install it.
    12-29-2015 12:16 AM
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    Unfortunately, 3rd party mobile data toggle apps generally don't work well on more recent versions of Android (and judging by the message you receive, it probably started with Lollipop). Mobile data toggles can typically only bring you to that system menu, where you have to flip the mobile data switch yourself. In order for it to be a true one-click, the toggle has to be at the system level, which means it has to be part of the manufacturer's UI.

    You should probably just uninstall that toggle widget app. I doubt you'll find a toggle that will work as a true one-click, unless you root the phone as well.
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    12-29-2015 02:36 AM
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    Thanks B Diddy for the detailed information. I uninstalled that today and was amazed to find it was using 25 megabytes of storage. Obviously little code was for the function that was likely trivial while much for there ad machine.
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    12-30-2015 10:47 PM

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