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    Extremely slow to respond to start, app starts , change windows etc, some app I have installed \ updated drastically slows the tablet down (Google Nexus 7 g1 with Android 5.1) so looking for a startup app that loads before all others and analysis all other running apps to record all memory , CPU , network activity etc to find the one causing the severe lag!!
    01-19-2016 08:28 PM
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    1. Start the tab in safe mode, just to make sure it's an installed app doing it.

    2. To get a monitor app like that, you'll probably have to write it yourself, it'll have to run as a system app and unless you recompile Android with the app in it, you'll probably have to be rooted. (BTW, doing it that way doesn't show true use, it shows relative use. To get true use, you need an external analyzer, so the tab is running normally [running the analysis app on it slows it down, uses CPU, etc.] and the analyzer is just reading the CPU address and data lines and figuring out what's going on. And they probably don't make them for phones, because phones don't use discrete CPUs, they use SoCs.)
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    01-20-2016 02:25 AM
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    It'easy to do some basic analysis. A reboot into safe mode is a start. For more troubleshooting you need to have the device running not in safe mode, but normal operation and preferably in the distressed condition. Why? Because you can't find a problem when it's not present.

    There's some good tools available that don't require root permissions.

    There's the built-in Process Stats. This can be helpful troubleshooting a sluggish device due to RAM memory issues. A quick Google search will find lotsa information available about it. Here's just one link:


    You asked about tracking network activity. I have several utilities for that. Network Connections is a favorite:

    https://play.google.com/store /apps/details?id=com.antispycell.connmonitor

    But back to troubleshooting your tablet.
    I have both versions of the Nexus 7 and the 2nd version is far superior to the 1st. The early model is handicapped by a slow processor and only 1GB of RAM. Nothing you can do will make it run snappy quick.

    Back to work...

    For further troubleshooting some users like OS Monitor:


    I like and.use OS Monitor, but I usually advise installing System Panel for its user-friendly UI:


    System Panel makes basic trouble shooting of a sluggish device simple. I usually look for poorly coded apps causing troubled first. The opening screen gives the basic information you need. With the phone at idle check CPU and RAM memory usage (pie charts upper left corner). Normally, CPU should be less than 5-10%. CPU clock speed (top horizontal bar) varies but should be something less than max. RAM usage should be about 70-85%, unless you have recently rebooted and not yet opened apps to load RAM. You want to check these values after a fresh reboot, after some normal usage and when the tablet has slowed.

    If CPU is high, look at the app list on the same screen. Check the CPU usage for each app (small vertical bar on left edge, next to app icons) for offenders.

    If RAM usage is too high check for an app that may not have closed or cached properly and is holding RAM.

    If something looks questionable you can try long-pressing on it and select 'End Task'. If you select a required system process, no worry, it will just restart. If CPU or RAM usage returns to normal and/or the tablet feels faster, that could be the offender.

    Troubleshooting beyond this gets more complicated, but what is outlined above will find most problems causing sluggish performance.
    01-20-2016 05:35 AM

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