1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi, I would like to know how to display ads on your android app. I used Admob to display the banner ads at the bottom of the app page. Since my app is a live streaming, so when you any video is being played the ads gets closed. I want to display continuously at the bottom of the app. So if anyone can answer I will appreciate a lot.
    02-16-2016 08:46 AM
  2. High Pixel Games's Avatar
    You have to create a new interface with thread with viewport, is like an app with 2 instances openned in one single app, there is a bunch of tutorial, i'm using appodeal, perhaps they have an tutorial for yout.
    03-18-2016 07:29 AM
  3. Venkatramanan Ramasubramanian's Avatar
    Showing ads while user playing videos wont be a good idea. Users will get distracted a lot. Don't do that.

    If you are still willing to do that, you can make user of the other Adnetworks will Airpush, StartApp or LeadBolt. They have no such restriction to do so.
    03-18-2016 03:51 PM

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