1. Clockwork Studioz's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone, and introduce ourselves. We are Clockwork Studioz, an up and coming Android App Development company specializing in clock widgets. We just published our first clock widget to the Android Market today. Give us some feedback so we can continue to improve!
    02-17-2010 02:30 AM
  2. NEKRO's Avatar
    Screen Shots? What is different about it then the stock clock? Thanks!
    02-17-2010 07:02 AM
  3. Cory Streater's Avatar
    Ditto... I don't even see any pics in the Market.
    02-17-2010 07:08 AM
  4. Clockwork Studioz's Avatar
    Here are some thumbnails, hopefully have some full screenshots up soon

    02-18-2010 01:58 PM
  5. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    If you wanna hook me up with a copy ill post screenies for everyone
    02-18-2010 03:34 PM
  6. jhamilton3#CB's Avatar
    wouldn't mind testing it out..
    02-18-2010 08:48 PM
  7. Clockwork Studioz's Avatar
    screenshots are now available on all clock widgets at the android market!
    check it out!

    -Clockwork Studioz
    02-19-2010 12:33 AM