1. dmcmillian72's Avatar
    Hello, Everyone. I just purchased and started using the Samsung Galaxy A9 (international, unlocked version). I was using the S7 Edge after I had to turn in my Note 7, but I just wasn't satisfied with that phone...as pretty as it was.

    I use the Samsung music app (which isn't horrible, but I prefer PowerAmp) because it's the only one my truck's bluetooth (streaming) will work 100% with, and that's because it's the default app for the phone; this allows me to see the track information on my truck's display when I'm streaming music.

    Since I got this phone, I notice that the media player lockscreen display(?) is missing. I'm not talking about the smaller samsung music player lockscreen widget. I mean the one that displays when I wake the phone when music is playing...and it covers the whole screen, has the album art with the controls. Once you move past that, then you get the lockscreen where you either swipe, or enter your code/pattern/password/fingerprint, etc.

    Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I switched back to using PowerAmp for an afternoon just for this issue, but not being able to see what track is playing on the display in my truck drove me crazy. Yeah, I know that is really picky...no need to judge. Lol!

    Thank you in advance!
    12-21-2016 06:09 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! What do you see when you wake the phone? Does it go straight to the screen lock entry, or is it just a plain lockscreen? Do you even see the smaller lockscreen music widget?
    12-21-2016 11:27 PM
  3. dmcmillian72's Avatar
    Hi! When I wake the phone I see the regular lock screen where you can swipe, enter your pattern/code/password, or provide your fingerprint. Yes, the locks creek widget is there, but that's not what I'm talking about is missing.
    12-21-2016 11:39 PM
  4. dmcmillian72's Avatar
    Locks creek widget...

    Lock screen... Sorry, new tablet and I haven't set my auto-correct preferences yet.
    12-21-2016 11:39 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Do you know if this started happening after a recent system update? Did your phone get updated to Marshmallow?
    12-22-2016 04:37 AM
  6. dmcmillian72's Avatar
    This phone came with marshmallow, so it's been an issue since I got the new phone...
    12-22-2016 07:34 AM

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