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    Spin the fidget spinner with the brand new Fidget Spinner Simulator on the market! Relax and unwind with the best stress reliever on your screen! Download it here: The App on Google Play Store

    [APP] [4.0.3+] Fidget Spinner Simulator-steva.png

    REAL FIDGET SPINNER simulation on your screen!
    MAKE YOUR OWN FIDGET SPINNER by choosing the color of the hand spinner and the look of the background!
    SET AS A LIVE WALLPAPER and play fidget spinner games for free on your screen!

    [APP] [4.0.3+] Fidget Spinner Simulator-1880b5453464e9977a9a0ed6923003091cf0873997ef8770e9-pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.png

    Fidget Spinner Simulator – for all the trendy boys and fashionable girls! Laser fidget hand spinner, golden fidget spinner or a fidget spinner neon glow – the choice is yours!

    [APP] [4.0.3+] Fidget Spinner Simulator-a2dbd51b7b58c4416e29f69f50f8eba4a6c8c1e84c18ca5914-pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.png
    06-13-2017 06:43 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
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