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    I would like to follow along with video tutorials while working on a desktop screen without having to redirect my full attention to the tablet. Often, hearing the audio is good enough.

    All of the video apps I've used and reviewed so far do the same thing -- they put a fairly small pause button on the screen. First you tap the screen to bring up the pause button. Then you look at the screen to find the pause button and stop it.

    What I would like is to do something like double tab, or tap with 3 fingers, etc. -- anything other than having to actually pull my focus away from the work screen, bring up the pause bar, and hit the pause button. The same goes for resuming.

    Most of them also make it hard to back up a few seconds. Lots of audio apps have this ability. I've seen it on one video app so far. The ability to skip back would also be a plus.

    Thank you!

    Samsung Galaxy 3 8"
    07-27-2017 06:26 PM

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