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    I use G-Mail for my personal e-mail, but I use Outlook/Exchange for my calendar (personal and work) and my work e-mail because this is what our office uses. For years I have had my Exchange account set up on my phone and tablet in order to sync my work e-mail and my calendar. Back in March my phone began syncing my Tasks from Exchange, which is something I do not want it to do.

    I have gone to Settings - Accounts - and made sure that "Tasks" is not selected for syncing. When I open Tasks in Gmail I even get a message informing me that my "Tasks" are not set up to sync. But they are most definitely syncing and I would like for them to stop.

    I am having this problem over several devices - Samsung Galaxy S7 (Republic Wireless); Motorola G4 Play (Republic Wireless); Nexus 7 2013 (WiFi Only).

    Anyone have any insights?
    09-06-2017 01:28 PM

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