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    I'm trying to use the Dropbox for Tasker plugin as a way to upload new photos and other documents from my phone to my Dropbox. Has anyone else had experience with this plugin?

    I can get it to work, but there are a couple issues I can't figure out: first, it seems to keep running after finishing the upload - that is, the plugin stays active. I don't know if this might be a battery drain or not; second, I can't figure out how to limit what files it uploads from a given directory. Is this something I can even do with Tasker?

    Are there other apps that will do what I want? I basically want a way to upload ONLY the newest files from my phone to my Dropbox, specifying which directories on both sides. Ideally, this would be a manual single click icon on my phone's home page.

    I currently use Dropin to upload images and videos, but it is snatching up any video or image on my phone, including icons for SL4A. I would like more control, plus I want something that will work for any types of files, not just media.

    I looked into Titanium Media Sync, but it has gotten mixed reviews.
    05-12-2011 04:08 PM