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    Introducing the game "Block Neo Tetrix Puzzles" from LuckyCreative - entertainment without age restrictions.
    Despite the apparent simplicity and simplicity, once played, will necessarily return to it again and again.
    Break the blocks to get more points. several levels of difficulty. At each Block will fly at different speeds.
    Compete with children, friends or yourself!
    What is the maximum you can achieve in the game of Block Neo Tetrix Puzzles?
    High-quality graphics, the original soundtrack of Neo Tetrix's Neo Tetrix Block game from Neocortex will provide a pleasant pastime for even the most demanding user.
    Do you still doubt if you should start playing "Block Neo Tetrix Puzzles"?
    Researcher Richard Haier of the University of California, Irvine, together with his colleagues, said that the regular appeal to this kind of games as block puzzle, improves planning skills, develops critical thinking, rapid mental response. Moreover, such games can increase the thickness of certain areas of the brain. So train the brain, train the memory, And train the reaction with the Block Puzzles Neo Tetriks
    We wish everything to work out!

    Neo Tetrix on google play
    12-07-2017 05:56 AM

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