Letters Match: Pairs Puzzle [Free] [Game]


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Nov 3, 2023
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Letters Match combines the best of the games you love. It’s a mix of pairs matching, word searching and field clearing games. We take that all and flavoured it with entertaining gameplay. If you love of brain pop with puzzle-games, Letters Match is just right for you!

The goal of Letters Match puzzle-game is to clear the field of letters. To do this, find pairs of identical letters or letters that make up special magic words. Letters can be chosen vertically, horizontally and diagonally. And you can always look up the 4 magic words in the magic vocabulary.

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Special features​

- Easy but deep: Letters Match is easy to play at first, but to pass the sequence of levels and score maximum points you will need to develop your skills to the maximum and become a master of the game! Especially, you need to note every word from “magic” vocabulary.
- Infinite levels: by completely clearing all cells of the field you move on to the next level. As long as your tactics and strategy help you choose the right moves, then you can play forever!
- Train your brain: find pairs of letters and words, use the right tactics to clear the playing field.
- Hints available: if you get stuck, take a hint!
- Time for yourself: give yourself time to relax, get into the flow and enjoy a chilling and entertaining game. It's the best activity for commuting to work on the bus or subway!
- Free to play: the game is completely free to play, but you can buy adverts disabling.
- Any age: the best puzzle game for adults and impulse brain training for kids.
- Familiar gameplay: you won't spend a lot of time to start playing. If you love puzzle-games, your skills will allow you to start getting fun quickly and easily.

Clear each line filled with letters and words. Match the letters in the furthest corners of the playing field. Elevate brain training with mix of puzzle and word game. Play, get fun and solve every new level of Letters Match!

How to play​

- Select 2 letters in the correct combination. The correct combination includes not only pairs of identical letters, but also magic words. These are special 2-letter words that can meet on the game board. The list of words is limited to 4: "GO", "HI", "MA", "OK". Correct pairs of letters for these words can be chosen in any order. For example, you can choose the word "OG" or "AM" and your match will be successful.
- Clear every cell of the field. Line by line, like you do in blocks clearing games. And you'll take it to the next level.
- Earn score points and beat your own record.


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