1. jbinstock's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    So a lot of my apps (not all of them) are de-installing themselves. They leave icons on the home screen, but clicking on it says the app is not installed. This has happened 3 separate times.
    Also when finding the app again in the market place and installing it again, it remembered all the data.

    Does anyone know why this is happeneing and how to make it stop?

    Thanks for your help

    05-25-2011 09:02 AM
  2. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    I had that happen once. Rebooting fixed it. Maybe it will work for you.
    05-25-2011 09:34 AM
  3. housetube's Avatar
    Look at this thread, this has been happening to my wifes Optimus s. We are currently trying to swap SD cards to see if that fixes it.

    05-25-2011 09:44 AM
  4. Jalarm's Avatar
    Are they Google apps? if so, have you updated your firmware recently or do you change roms from time to time?
    05-25-2011 03:03 PM
  5. jbinstock's Avatar
    Hey thanks for the help guys.

    So unfortunately after rebooting, nothing happened.

    Also I was unable to remove the SD card, could figure out how to do it....
    but if I switched the cards wouldn't I loose my contacts, pics, etc...

    I also have a Samsung captivate...

    Also the forum on the missing apps was pretty useful.

    Yoni Binstock
    Any suggestions
    05-25-2011 11:55 PM
  6. mldiroff's Avatar
    Ok, just had this happen a week ago. What worked for me, is finding out that my SD card was almost completely full. I went and got a larger card (16gb), copied everything over from the current one to the 16gb and just swapped the cards. All the data was still on there, but I did need to reinstall some apps that had been moved to SD. Once installed again, the apps picked up on the original data and it worked like normal. A pain in the rear end and scared the crap out of me, but worked and all is fine now.
    05-26-2011 07:34 AM