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    Hey guys !

    As a heavy google reader user and a big Android fan, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the Reader/RSS widgets available, so I decided to make my own on my free time

    I present you Minimal Reader Pro, a Google Reader/RSS Widget, that goes straight to the point : news from Your favourite sources, immediatly available on your homescreen and one click away from the full article !

    The principle is the simple, you add one or more widgets to your home screen, import your feeds from google reader, tweak the settings, play with the different displays, and voila ! You got yourself an elegant widget companion that will make news reading a breeze, even with large amounts of sources.

    Click on a news title to make a simple Pop-up like window come up and show you the full article. It's instant, and works in offline mode.

    Swipe left or right on a pop-up to slide to the next or previous article, it's light and fast, just as it should be (even on my old Samsung i7500).

    Personnally i use google reader a lot and i have lots of subscriptions which are just piling up there. And after using this widget in my every day life, I can say that it really makes my news reading faster and easier.

    *** Features ***

    _ 4 Widget sizes : 4x1, 4x2, 4x3 and 4x4

    _ Display the latest news titles from your favourite websites/blogs right on your desktop and easily scroll through them with the arrows -> Compatible with all launchers.

    _ Import your Google Reader Subscriptions or add your own RSS/Atom feeds.

    _ Click on a news title to open the full story in a customizable Pop-up window, works in offline mode too !

    _ Swipe left or right on a pop-up to read the next or previous news article.

    _ While reading an article you can share it, set it as favourite for later or read it in the browser.

    _ Customize the widget and the pop-up to match your home screen (color, buttons, text alignement, background, etc ...).

    _ Many settings available : Filter the News by age, Filter already read items, auto scroll, auto refresh ...

    _ You can add as many feeds as you want on the same widget or separate them in several widgets with different sizes.

    Minimal Reader Pro is a paid app (0.99$), but you can make up your mind by trying the free version (search for Minimal Reader) which is fully featured, no adds, but you can only use the 4x1 and 4x2 widget.

    Here are the links to the market and some screenshots,

    Free version

    Pro version

    Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions for future improvements.

    Enjoy !
    05-29-2011 01:44 PM