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    Hello dear members,
    I want to announce here this app.

    Organoid – Task Manager for Teams & Individuals. Your Web organizer and personal database

    Create to do lists, checklists, messages, events and process them in your Organoid personal database as well as send them to your friends and colleagues.

    Free download at the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...d=com.organoid

    Application features:

    • Advanced task manager for teamwork and for personal use. Manage task statuses («inactive», «actual», «suspended», «expired», «completed», «cancelled») and task acceptance by team members. Hierarchical nested and tagged tasks and events can be used for Project Management and Case Management. Automatic placement of task due dates in Google Calendars of team members. Interactive graphical charts for the task statistics. Tap on the chart to see the list of tasks for which this chart was built. Chart statistics can be output to PDF documents, printed or shared with your contacts. Collaborative and personal tags allow user to categorize (classify) messages, tasks and projects. Personal and collaborative checklists.
    • Facebook and Slack integration − now you can send events and tasks from your Organoid to your friends and groups in Facebook and to your colleagues in Slack. If they click on this post in Facebook or Slack, it will be shared on their Organoid and automatically placed in their Google Calendar, which will remind them of an upcoming event or the deadline for the task.
    • Web organizer and personal database. Save and manage everything in your Organoid − web-links, documents, photos, videos, music, tasks, events, documents... for your personal needs as well as for corporate needs and for teamwork.
    • Share messages, videos, photos, other web links with your friends. Just tap 'SHARE LINK' in your mobile Internet browser to save web links to YouTube videos, Instagram photos and videos, animated GIFs from Pinterest, DeviantArt, Giphy etc., pictures from other popular web-sites, posts and news from Twitter, LinkedIn etc., goods in online shops (eBay, AliExpress etc.), other web links − all will be kept on your personal Organoid database on your Android device
    • Create your favorite YouTube video links collection in your Organoid personal database. Play YouTube videos in the frame inside the app from youtube.com
    • Play Instagram videos inside the app. Download Instagram videos to Organoid folder on your Android device by one tap and play Instagram videos offline without an Internet connection
    • Just share or copy the direct web-link to MP3 music file and paste it into the Organoid message input field to download and play MP3 files inside your Organoid. Share and play music from SoundCloud
    • Send and receive messages, links to full-size videos, animated GIFs, photos, audios, appointments, tasks, office docs to your friends and colleagues or keep them just for your personal use in your Organoid database
    • Set filters and tag your messages and links for the fast search and categorization

    Corporate and collaboration features:

    • Case management & Project Management
    • Hierarchical nested tagged tasks and events can be used for Project Management and Case Management, just use collaborative tags as your project names & project stage names and to categorize (classify) various tasks & projects
    • Google Calendar integration − send events to your contacts and these events will be automatically placed in their Google Calendar
    • Google Drive integration - send documents for review from Google Drive to your colleagues via Organoid
    • Slack integration − send messages, tasks, events and links from Organoid to Slack. Real time task status integration with Slack has been provided. It's possible to use Organoid and Slack integration for large-scale Project Management containing a lot of tasks, events, documents and discussions
    • Planner integrated with Google Calendar − send events to your contacts and these events will be automatically placed in their Google Calendar
    • Document & task reconciliations between responsible participants (harmonization of documents, not Bank account reconciliations) in the Organoid «Corp» version − Organoid app users can coordinate contracts, invoices, orders and other documents between responsible participants or colleagues. Harmonization process participants can set the status of the document as «agreed» or «refused»


    [APP] [Free][4.0+] Organoid – Task Manager and Web Organizer-screen1.png [APP] [Free][4.0+] Organoid – Task Manager and Web Organizer-screen2.png [APP] [Free][4.0+] Organoid – Task Manager and Web Organizer-screen3.png [APP] [Free][4.0+] Organoid – Task Manager and Web Organizer-screen4.png [APP] [Free][4.0+] Organoid – Task Manager and Web Organizer-screen5.png [APP] [Free][4.0+] Organoid – Task Manager and Web Organizer-screen6.png [APP] [Free][4.0+] Organoid – Task Manager and Web Organizer-screen7.png [APP] [Free][4.0+] Organoid – Task Manager and Web Organizer-screen9.png [APP] [Free][4.0+] Organoid – Task Manager and Web Organizer-screen10.png
    11-23-2019 09:45 AM

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