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For more than a week now (since around January 22), the actions saved in web & app activity of my account are being deleted by themselves. And not all, but only committed in third-party apps, when as data on actions in the Play Market, Google search, help, etc. from Google remain in place.
For clarity: on January 25, I use my device all day (Galaxy A8, Android 9), call, send messages, go to social networks and instant messengers, check for updates in the Play Market, make requests in a search engine - all this is displayed in a timely and conscientious manner in my account. Next day the same. But two days pass - and on January 27, exactly at midnight, almost all these numerous actions disappear from the history in an instant, only something like "Searched..." or "Viewed app page..." remains. And so every day, all actions in third-party apps, saved two days ago, simply evaporate, although I never turned on auto-delete...
I have all the latest updates for apps, the Play Store and Google Play Services installed, I tried to clear their data and cache, delete updates, re-set the settings for saving actions - nothing helps. There are no suspicious actions or foreign devices in the account, no anti-virus program finds malware, I haven’t downloaded anything from the Internet for a long time, I didn’t follow any dubious links.
Please help me figure out this problem! I always carefully monitor the activity in the account, and therefore I am very scared of such an "innovation".
Thanks in advance.


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Jun 10, 2014
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I don't understand why that is happening. It may be worth contacting Google about it.

At the same time, I'll move the question to the General Help forum, where it may fare better.

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