1. dannysheppard's Avatar
    If I use Android Auto in standalone mode (i.e. not connected to my car) while NOT connected to data/wifi, I can search for destinations and get driving directions from my downloaded maps. If however, I plug the phone into my car, I cannot search for destinations using the car's screen unless I enable data or use my homes WiFi. Instead, I just get a swirling icon.

    As a workaround, I can disconnect my phone, type in a destination in Google Maps, start navigation, then reconnect the phone. This is just a real pain, and I've also found that when doing this I do not get updated directions if I stray from the directions.

    I do not have a data plan, so I need to rely on offline content, which from what I understand should work.

    I have a Nexus 5 phone (Android 6.0.1) and 2017 Honda Pilot.

    I've tried uninstalling updates on various apps (Maps, Google Services) and re-installing apps, clearing caches. I've tried modifying every setting I can find. Everything but re-initializing my entire phone. But I'm open to any suggestions!

    Thanks for any help on this!
    06-27-2017 11:04 AM
  2. PJRed2008's Avatar
    Welcome to the forum as a new member. I would get with your Honda dealer, or maybe better, Honda's tech support and see if AA on the car supports what you're trying to do. I have never tried using the phone without a data plan so this is an interesting question.
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    06-27-2017 11:32 AM
  3. foxbat121's Avatar
    Since the only way to enter or search for map destination in AA is through Google Assistant voice search, it requires internet connection to Google server for voice search to work. Without internet connection, much of the Google's services are useless. The offline voice search is quite limited.
    06-27-2017 12:16 PM
  4. dannysheppard's Avatar
    But Google voice search is not the only way to search for destinations. You should be able to type in the search box to type a destination as long as the car is in park, right?

    I did notice that if I use the voice command "navigate home" while driving that does work. But I should be able to type and search for a destination when in park (I've read the parking brake also has to be on, but I haven't tried without the parking brake).

    For example: https://forums.androidcentral.com/an...data-plan.html
    06-27-2017 01:20 PM
  5. foxbat121's Avatar
    Don't know because my car's head unit is not touch screen and hence not possible to type in.

    Either way, get a data plan is recommended unless you personally know someone at Google's AA team that can make this offline access possible for you.
    I use AA Maps mostly for live traffic, not for navigation. So, a data connection is must and it does not use a lot of data.
    06-27-2017 02:22 PM
  6. nicosilber's Avatar
    Hello I have the same same problem.......... in my experience I was not able to search addresses in my AA while offline. I need to be online to search for address and then I was able to navigate without any problem. But with downloaded offline maps it's impossible to search for an address. In mt tablet with downloaded/offline maps I am table to search any address (if its inside the area I downloaded). But once I plug my phone (in airplane mode) to my car and google auto starts it wont find any adress even if that address was inside a downloaded map. Please help
    07-10-2017 07:35 PM

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