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    I was one of the many people who had problems for a couple of months where Google Play Music (GPM) would stop working after being in the car just one time, and you had to toggle the Bluetooth off and on to get it to work again. Then about 3-4 weeks ago a GPM or Android Auto (AA) update was released (I forget which app was updated) and fixed the problem. I then went on vacation for a week and a half, and have now been back at work for a week. And now there is the new problem.

    I have my galaxy s8 plugged in via USB to the head unit of my 2015 Hyundai Sonata. AA is working normally except for this new problem. When I say OK Google, or press the microphone on the in-car display, I say the command "call Sue Smith at work" and now get a response that says "I can't do that yet, but I'm learning new things all the time". I once in a while also get the response "I can't help you with that". If I do the command again to call the cell, no problem it works. If I just say "Call Sue Smith", and it asks me "work or mobile", same thing when I respond appropriately ("work" doesn't work, "mobile" does).I've had no problems sending or responding to text messages.

    The failure to call work numbers appears to be 100% of the time. If I unplug the phone from USB and just say the OK Google, or long press the home key, a voice command to call the same person at work goes through no problem.

    So, is this a known problem? If anyone else has had this problem please respond to this thread so we can start building up a known number of problems and Google pays attention to it. Seems like they fixed one problem to have another one break.

    I posted this exact same question in the AA community forum moderated by Google employees. If you are having the same problem, please add a comment to the forum at the following link so it it has the potential to get some attention:

    08-09-2017 05:21 AM
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    Moved to the Android Auto forum.
    08-10-2017 01:27 PM

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