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    This isn't your regular food thread. I have been getting more into clean eating, with a focus on ketogenic and paleo style diets, and learning just how much diet affects your health. To me, this isn't just a fad. I listen to a health specific podcast, just finished my 6th book on nutrition, and actuality considered taking a nutritional therapy course if it wasn't so expensive and far away.

    Is anyone else here interested in this sort of subject? Not just blindly eating from a prescribed diet, but learning how it affects our health and customizing it to your specific needs. For example, Type 2 diabetes can be curable... So long as you don't listen to the mainstream medical community. All you have to do is cut your carbs and eat whole real foods. If there's no excess carbs raising your blood sugar, there's no insulin response. Just like reversing a drug addiction, reducing insulin (by cutting the carbs through diet) means your insulin response can be restored over time.

    This can also extend to bio-hacking. This can be customizing your diet based on various food and nutrient tolerances to targeted supplements. I've personally tried taking hydrochloric acid supplements to test how well my stomach acid performs.

    I'm far from perfect. Having several kids and a hectic work schedule makes it rough. After going through my most recent book on fasting, only doing one meal a day is starting to sound tempting from a time savings standpoint. (Fun fact, the longest official fast was 382 days on nothing but water and targeted vitamin supplements!)
    04-01-2017 08:04 PM

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