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    I am thrilled to discover that FTL's Dungeon Master, the greatest game of its time, has finally been ported to Android! It's in the Market as "Dungeonmaster Free". Apparently its been around since the beginning of September and has already been updated several times. Also apparently a lot of people are having force close issues with the latest update. I had to uninstall and reinstall it three or four times before it suddenly began to run quite well on my OG DROID with Sapphire Froyo! (Couldn't get it to run with CM 7).

    But after those initial FC's it seems to be running quite smoothly. I have actually got my party chosen and descended down to the first level where I am killing mummies again just like the good old days of the Atari ST! Game saves are working, and I haven't had any more FCs.

    It shouldn't be so surprising that the OG can handle DM, since I actually had DM running on my old Palm Treo under an Atari emulator. This Android version has a much nicer interface than my Treo did. I may actually be able to survive some battles with this interface! But its still pretty tiny to make things out on the OG screen. Can't wait to see it on a GNex!
    11-08-2011 10:51 PM

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