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    Play "Crap! Overflow" and Win New Amazing Nexus 4 FREE!*

    "Crap! Overflow"
    One toilet. Nine toilet bowls. And only you can fix the problem. Crap is EVERYWHERE! It comes fast and gets away suddenly. Don't let it escape to freedom! You are alone with your sure weapon - plunger. Save yourself and your toilet, otherwise - OVERFLOW IS INEVITABLE!

    Control filling of toilet bowls.
    Clear them in time.
    Don't let crap to escape.
    Earn score points.
    Make combo to receive more points.
    Compare your achievements with other players, through ScoreLoop.
    Share your scores via Facebook, Twitter or other social services, using special button.

    *Terms of Nexus 4 draw:
    1. Install game "Crap! Overflow" from Google Play.
    2. Login with ScoreLoop.
    3. Play!
    4. When the game is over, share the result in Facebook, Twitter or VK, using "share" button.

    **Conditions of Nexus 4 draw:
    Each 30 days, from the moment of a game launch, we will play Nexus 4 between: player with the best score, player with best total score and one random player. Other 2 finalists will get T-Shirts from Indigo Bunting.

    Only fair play! Players, who'll use any cheats or hacks, not participate in draw.
    Winners of the previous draws don't participate in the next draws.

    Keywords: crap, ****, overflow, toilet, WC defense, plunger, nexus 4, free, draw, combo, free nexus, merde, 拉屎, トイレ, 便所, שירותים, Scheie, 쓰레기

    Get it on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...obunting.crapo

    First draw started!
    Finish 29.12.2012. Winners will be known 30.12.2012!
    Good luck!

    *I'm producer of that game, you can downlod .apk FREE from here, but you will be able to win Nexus 4 or T-Shirt only, if you'll install it FREE from Google Play
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    11-30-2012 01:39 PM

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