[FREE GAME] Auto Animal Chess: An Auto Battler of Hearthstone x Animal Crossing


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Jun 7, 2023
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Me and my friends, we have been working on a project called Auto Animal Chess, which is a turn-based card game/auto chess. It is kind of a combination of Hearthstone & Animal Crossing, and now the Open Beta Test on Google Play has finally started!

Me & my friends are a small team and are desperate for feedback! Therefore, we would like to invite players to join our Open Beta Test, as well as to share your feedback and suggestions, so that we can make a good game together!

We wanna say Thank You to anyone who would just take a look at our work and we are looking forward to your joining us!

Auto Animal Chess is a turn-based auto battler game set in the fantasy world of Olyn Island. Players use a variety of Heroes, Cards, and Runes, each with their own unique mechanics and powers, to craft powerful new strategies.

About This Game:

[Animal Chess, Exquisite Graphics]
Smooth and detailed fighting scenes featuring brand new 3D modeling & immersive experience into a fantasy world of animal chess pieces.

[New Auto-Battler, Upgraded Gameplay]
A game that can live up to every little bit of your imagination of an auto chess. Easy to play, fast-paced, and strategy-oriented. There are even Runes, Hero DIY, and other new and well-designed elements, created all for your best experience!

[Types to Mix, Strategies to Adopt]
A great number of Geos and different types allow you to adopt a wide range of strategies, so that victory and defeat are instantly reversed following each and every move of yours on the battlefield! Whether it's the interplay of stats and special effects, or the position arrangement of Geos, everything remains essential to victory!

[Exciting PvP Combats, Joyful Friend Hang-out]
Come participate in the PvP modes, Match, Ranked, and Championship! The thrilling battles are always on! Do you dare to invite your friends to fight together and become the top auto-battler player?

What to test:

Literally everything & anything! Any feedback (on battling system, UI, localization...) would be great!

Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hoxigames.project_328&hl=en

Discord: https://discord.gg/6Dcq7yJxDK (Events & Rewards await you!)
Customer Service: service@hoxigames.com

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