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    Hello AndroidCentral-Users
    I'd like to introduce my new App NerdAzoid. Okay it's not that new, but it's new that NerdAzoid is available on english
    I made a Quiz/Trivia Game with NerdTopics. So you can choose between Fantasy, SciFi, VideoGames and Superheroes.

    Google PlayStore:

    If you see any disturbing grammar misstakes, feel free to contact me, or post it here. English is not my native language and i tried hard to translate the app as best as possible.. (Ger-En)

    What awaits you:

    Over 800 questions are waiting for you. Four different categories(Fantasy, SciFi, Videogames & Superheroes) and three different levels of difficulty want to play with you. Collect as much achievements as possible, to unlock extra features.
    01-27-2013 02:45 PM

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