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    Perhaps the best sea battle game that you've ever played on your Android device! Uncharted Water will let you battle REAL players and bring you fun & addictive sea battle experience.

    Ver 1.04 is online now! Find the following exciting new features:
    1. Improved friend system. Now you can get at most 100 diamonds by recommending UW to your Papaya friends!
    2. Diablo-like gear system and improved upgrading system. Now sea battle is more exciting and unpredictable!

    Ver 1.03 features:
    Arena is open now!
    Join Arena battles will get you abundant DIAMONDs, GOLDs and VALUABLE ITEMS!
    Arena guide:
    Tap "Fight" button to challenge a player ahead of you. If you win, you'll exchange your position with him/her.
    Tap "Reward" button to check your rewards to gain when the event ends every 5 days.

    Ver 1.02 features:
    -Relic skill battle system (If you like Pocket Monster/Dragon Quest Monsters/WOW pet battle, youll like it also!)
    -48 different relic skills and beautiful graphic design.
    -Exciting mini game: Relic excavation

    BETA features:
    -FREE to play online sea battle game
    -Circle of fate, a unique battle system using turn based strategy, never used earlier in one game
    -Fantastic cartoon artwork
    -Managerial and real time strategy elements
    -Watch your island grow with buildings with different functions & shapes
    -Buy a ship and go into the sea battle with you as the captain
    -Perform 160+ PVP & PVE quests
    -100+ Equipments (ship+artillery+plating+flags)
    -30+ items (wheel+buff+support+speedup)
    -Social features like emails and chat, by which you can write messages to your friends
    -Amazing Soundtracks
    -Exciting mini game (roulette)

    We will regularly update this game with fresh content. Don't hesitate to give your feedback and rating to encourage us improving this game!

    04-10-2013 05:31 AM
  2. kitson11's Avatar
    the game is that cool!i just download paly a while,very fun,i think I have crush on the game!
    04-10-2013 05:37 AM
  3. kitson11's Avatar
    its happening not just in arena but also on my in game friend list and on islands to (i get cannont login failed error on some players ships and islands but on others is fine),whats wrong?
    04-15-2013 02:53 AM
  4. kitson11's Avatar
    More and more interesting!
    04-21-2013 11:09 PM

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