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    I have homerun battle 3d on my droid x....it's been very choppy and laggy since the 2.2 update. my coworker wiped his droid x and then reinstalled everything and now his is working fine.

    my son has put a lot of time into the homerun battle 3d game and I was wondering if I wipe my phone will he lose all his items, missions, records, etc or is there a way to re-login to the game with my current id?

    this is just wiping the same phone, not upgrading or replacing the phone.

    09-29-2010 03:51 PM
  2. bigmac99's Avatar
    has anybody ever done this?
    09-30-2010 12:14 PM
  3. Richard_Danger's Avatar
    You will lose your data. Everytime I flash a new ROM, I have to wipe all of my data, which means I lose all of my gold balls, jerseys, bats, ect. The only thing that remains is your online rank. It sucks, but I can't stop flashing new roms.

    I assume there would be a way to use root explorer to possibly find the data and back it up on your sd card. So that way when you wipe, you can restore your game data. But the location of those files is still a mystery to me.

    Anyone know where the game data files are located?
    09-30-2010 12:22 PM
  4. bjordan's Avatar
    When I installed a new ROM I forgot to back mine up as well. If you're rooted I think (haven't tried) that Titanium Backup will do it.

    I also found these steps to back it up on another forum. (NOTE: I haven't tried this)

    I always make backup, i just figured it out, actually quite easy. All I needed was "root explorer". I'll explain for anyone who needs to get their gear back.
    1. Install root explorer
    2. Load up Nanroid backup that has your data and all your gear.
    3. Open root explorer, go to data folder,again data folder,then open "com.com2us.HB3D ....long press "jesus.dat" and copy
    4. Once you copy go back 3 times, now go under sd card and paste. Now jesus.dat should be inside your sd card to access.
    5. Load up your desired backup or rom
    6. Once new rom is loaded, run root explorer and go to sd card, copy jesus.dat inside sd card folder.
    7. Now navigate to data folder, data folder, com.com2us.HB3D, delete the existing jesus.dat and paste your old jesus.dat
    8. Run HR Battle 3D, i logged in to match up and i had all my gear and rankings.
    Credit: From this post on droidforums.net
    09-30-2010 01:40 PM
  5. PhantomPhreak53's Avatar
    Yes Titanium saves everything! All preferences and everything! You do have to be rooted to use Titanium. Otherwise, you WILL lose everything.
    09-30-2010 01:49 PM