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    - - - Recommended apps - - -


    Google Voice - saves voicemail to your GMail account and transcribes them to text
    Meebo IM - all-in-one IM suite
    Twidroid - Twitter
    Missed Call - custom ring and vibrate settings as well as LED color and settings
    SMS Popup - replacement for Android SMS notifier (turn stock off to prevent doubles)
    Save MMS - allows you to save MMS attachments
    WiFi Buddy - detailed WiFi information and settings

    Music and sound
    Album Art Grabber - gets missing album art for your music
    Frequency-Generator - sine, square, saw, and triangle wave generator
    gStrings - customizable instrument tuner; also works for voice and other sounds
    Instant Lyrics - open while playing a song and will open its lyrics
    Scrobble Droid - enables Last.fm scrobbling in the Android music player
    Pandora - online radio
    Shazam - analyzes a part of a song that's playing through speakers and tells you the name and artist

    PaintNote - MS Paint-like app
    Photoshop Mobile - basic editor and online album
    PicSay - multitouch image viewer/editor

    Car Finder - press once when you park and saves your location on its map, and will show your location as well so you can find your parking spot
    Find My Droid - lets you turn up the volume and activate ring and GPS to locate your phone; uses an SMS code phrase
    Google Places Directory - lists categories of places in your location; searchable
    GPS Status - 360 degree compass, horizontal and vertical level, g-force sensor, magnetic field sensor, GPS location in long/lat, shows speed and elevation

    aCar - stores your car information
    Barcode Scanner - scans various types of bar codes and Google searches them
    ColorNote - text, drawing, and voice note program
    ColorDict - comprehensive dictionary with multiple add-ons available
    PDFGView - PDF viewer
    ShopSavvy - barcode scanner with built-in product lookup
    Speed Test - Ookla's speedtest.net application
    Unit Converter

    Bank of America - online banking and account management
    FX Currency - comprehensive currency converter
    Google Finance - stocks

    Security and other
    Battery Status - widget that shows battery level and lots of other system metrics when clicked
    DockRunner - enables multimedia dock mode without needing the dock
    Find My Droid - see above
    G-backup (trial and pay) - backs up almost anything you want to Google's servers
    MyIP - shows your phone's IP
    Text-To-Speech Toy - converts input text to speech


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    01-07-2010 08:57 AM
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    The above list is a little out of date - will update it ASAP.
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