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    Lost Crew-main800.png

    This is a story of survival of the astronauts on the orbital station that is lost in time. All communications with the station are severed, and in six hours the station will burn down entering the planet's atmosphere. Something discovers your craft. You will have to take care of the rescue of the station's crew. You will be the key participant in this small team, and lots of complicated riddles and situations will make this adventure even more interesting.

    This game heralds a new generation of interactive quest games. You are granted access to communications with five characters whose acts affect each other. Every astronaut possesses his or her own character, history, and interactions with the other people. Pictures illustrate conditions of the characters, their gear, and objects.

    This is a deep immersion in a well-defined world, where you can really get all the answers about the events taking place. The orbital station, the dead planet, the giant's belly, the star's surface - those are some of the real and surreal places, which the members of your crew will have a chance to visit.

    Every one of them has a unique path. The important decisions and discoveries will have consequences at the end. The fate of every one of the astronauts depends only on you. 32 different variants of the ending - from the total horrible destruction to the happy end.

    Release in Google Play:
    full version
    demo (free)

    Release in Steam will this summer.

    Our public: https://www.facebook.com/gamecosm/

    Phone interface:
    Lost Crew-ps_eng1.png
    PC interface:
    Lost Crew-ls_eng2.png
    05-30-2016 07:22 AM
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    Hi, devs! Nice another one clone of "Lifeline"), but you have to do something with font. It is too tiny initially. And if I make it bigger then text goes out of buttons and textblocks.
    Update. Guys! I love my "Back" button and I'd like the app to be closed as I hit it)
    05-30-2016 09:07 AM
  3. gamecosm's Avatar
    Good day! This problem was solved a long time already. The size of text blocks is changed each time you change the font size. Please send a screenshot to e-mail.
    05-30-2016 10:25 AM
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    promotional codes (you can get the full version for free):
    06-02-2016 02:39 AM
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    Please support "Lost Crew: Terminal" on Greenlight
    Steam Greenlight :: Lost Crew: Terminal
    07-07-2016 08:06 AM

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