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    Hi, I'm Arman. A solo indie developer based in England. I recently made a big update to my first game (Secret of the Cores) and thought I'd take the opportunity to do some marketing.

    Secret of the Cores is a story-driven space shooter, focused on farming minerals from asteroids. It's appropriate for ages 7+ and has humour, voice acting and gameplay that (I hope) will appeal to a wide audience. It's a pretty casual game and has been proven to be an enjoyable pastime based off the reviews so far. There are not many similar products on the market so it has been received quite well.

    Short Description:
    Shoot and manoeuvre your way through the challenging perils of space. Upgrade your ship and venture further into the unknown as you explore a gripping story with twists and turns and characters that definitely aren't all voiced by one guy!

    • Discover a gripping story with the worst voice acting of all time!
    • Mine and sell a vast array of precious minerals.
    • Unlock a multitude of unique upgrades and conquer the abyss!
    • Completely free with ads being totally optional.

    I hope you'll check it out, know that all feedback is welcome.
    Thanks for your time and have a great day

    Google Play
    10-01-2016 02:15 PM
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    That was some quick approval. Thanks, mods!
    10-01-2016 02:37 PM

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