Extinction Eclipse, by TuanisApps: join the open beta for our space RTS!


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Sep 15, 2023
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Hi all! My name is Jeudy, head of TuanisApps, a small indie studio from Costa Rica. Last year we launched our first commercial title, Extinction Eclipse, a space RTS, on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

This year, we have been working on the port to mobile and we finally have a version to share with you all and get feedback!

Extinction Eclipse tells the story of how Earth started freezing because an unknown alien intelligence, the Harvesters, began building a grid of hexagons in the Lagrange L1 point between Sun and Earth. Your mission is to explore space, find asteroids to mine and with the resources, build your fleet and defeat the invaders.

The game has a Story mode with 6 different campaigns with different missions and goals.



You start the game with only a couple of miner ships and an exploration probe. After every mission, you keep the ships you built and the resources you gather, which you can then exchange for upgrades for your ships.



At the beginning of each mission, you can select which ships you want to use.


The game has the classic elements of the RTS genre: fog of war, mini map, resources and units management.

We also added an extended map which you can use to easily move selected ships on the world.


Besides the Story mode, there is a Skirmish mode where you can configure matches with different goals, level of upgrades and fleet you wish to use, and the game will procedurally generate a different match every time.

This is the Google Play link for the open beta test. I invite you all to try the game and give us your honest feedback . We are specially interested in knowing if the tutorial is clear enough regarding the touch controls, and the overall level of fun in the game.


Notice that for beta tests in Google Play, it will seem like you need to buy the game, but for these cases, Google uses a test (fake) card, so the beta test is obviously free (but it's not very clear when you visit the Play Store page).

Depending on the test results, we plan to release the game before the end of this year (hopefully before December).

Looking forward to getting your feedback!


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