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    Build the highest tower and destroy it to the base.

    Two game modes.
    In "Levels" the figures are placed along the grid.
    In "Tower" you can put figurines as you like. "Tower" becomes available after passing the "Levels".
    The "Levels" mode is divided into 200 levels. Every next 8 levels become available when 90% of the stars are typed in the current 8 levels.
    The number of stars per level is determined by the difference in height of the tower before firing on it and after.
    When building a tower, you must leave 1 to 3 pieces for shooting.
    To go to the shooting before the end of the figures click on the button with a catapult icon.
    If you build a non-stable tower it can collapse before firing.
    With repeated passes of the level, the best result of the height.
    In the top "Levels" is displayed the sum of the best results for all levels.
    In the top of the "Tower" - the best result.


    Tower: Build and destroy-scr1.png
    Tower: Build and destroy-scr2.png
    Tower: Build and destroy-scr3.png
    Tower: Build and destroy-scr4.png
    Tower: Build and destroy-scr5.png
    Tower: Build and destroy-scr6.pngTower: Build and destroy-scr7.pngTower: Build and destroy-scr8.png
    08-04-2017 01:49 AM

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