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    Curvys a puzzle game for Android phones consisting of hexagonal tiles. Each tile has colored lines on it. The idea is simple. Its intuitive. Connect the path and win the game. Game play is simple, tap a tile and drag your finger from side to side to rotate. Customize your color scheme and celebrate Game Day by sporting your teams colors on your puzzle. Use local high scores to make things more competitive, or simply pass the time while waiting. Small and efficient, Curvy weighs in at only 55K.

    Curvy and Curvy Free! are available on Android phones 1.6 and up. Curvy Free! is free and includes ads. Curvy is priced at $1.50 on the Android Market. Curvy and Curvy Free! are brought to you by FlamingLunchbox, an independent venture run by two young adults in Oregon. Check out Curvy in HTML5. Questions? Comments? contactus (at) flaminglunchbox.net

    Want the free version on your Android Phone? Here's our QR code.
    06-20-2011 03:58 PM

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