1. hybrid1976's Avatar
    I have a Blackberry KeyOne and wanted to know what smartwatch works well for Tmobile other than the Samsung S2 or S3?
    04-09-2018 05:49 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I moved this from the Wear OS for iPhone forum to the main Wear OS forum.

    Any Wear OS watch should work fine with the KeyONE, since it's an Android phone. Is there a specific issue that you're concerned about?
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    04-09-2018 10:09 PM
  3. hybrid1976's Avatar
    No specific issue. Just wanted to narrow my choices down. Been looking at the Huawei 2, the LG Sport, and the LG Urbane. I had seen a few posts that said the Urbane was not compatible with Tmobile.
    04-10-2018 11:17 AM
  4. chanchan05's Avatar
    I think the compatibility issue is for watches that have 3G. Personally I don't see the point of 3G watches, so I'd pay less for the Bluetooth only versions which have no issues whatsoever with networks because they don't interact with them.
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    04-10-2018 11:38 AM
  5. xendula's Avatar
    I had seen a few posts that said the Urbane was not compatible with Tmobile.
    That‘s not quite right: you can put any sim card in it including from overseas and it will work, since it’s not sim locked. I never managed to get this watch to work with their wearable plan, which used to be $5/month when I tried. The fault is 100% with their engineering department, who couldn’t figure out how to make my watch appear like a watch and not a phone in their system. That was eons ago, though, amd maybe things have changed?

    I ultimatley gave up and put a Truphone prepaid sim card in it, that I have been using ever since. My regular phone is on Tmo and it does not affect functionality one bit that my watch is on a different network.

    Maybe now that Tmo had digits, if you are willing to pay for it, you can just get a regular sim card for it (non wearble) through digits.
    04-22-2018 01:41 PM

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