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    Hi,I use a Samsung Galaxy phone, but anytime I download any file,it doesn't reflect on my phone,it reflects on my chrome but not on my phone,and I have allowed Google permission to my storage as one of your post said,but still it hasn't changed, please what can I do
    06-15-2020 04:54 AM
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    First, welcome to the Android Central forums! In order to have a conversation here, you would be invited to register as a member to reply to questions. If you wish, you can do that here.

    Now have you checked the Samsung "My Files" folder on your phone? It may be in a Samsung folder in your apps tray. That's where I access downloads on my Samsung devices. Not knowing which device you have, I'm shootin' in low light here, a guess.
    06-15-2020 05:06 AM
  3. VidJunky's Avatar
    Low light sometimes offers some of the best silhouettes...

    How are you looking for these files?

    Are the photos, PDF or something else?

    I have recently been downloading some things, a few photos and a PDF, and they all appear in the "recent files" display at the top of the Samsung My Files app. When I open and view them the file details say they are stored in my internal storage/Download folder. I haven't made any elections as to where to store internet downloads that I can recall.
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    06-15-2020 05:45 AM
  4. BergerKing's Avatar
    Low light sometimes offers some of the best silhouettes...

    Indeed, it does. I've done a lot of silhouette photography over the years, myself.
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    06-15-2020 05:57 AM
  5. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Verify that app you are using to download the files.
    Folks often mistakenly use the Google Search app when they wanted Chrome. Google Search has a problem in that it will hide the downloads in a protected/hidden folder when it does not have permissions to "storage". Check the Search app permissions in this case.
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    06-15-2020 07:51 PM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    To expand on ManiacJoe's response, here's my canned response about that issue:

    If you used the Google search app (and not Chrome) to download an image, you have to make sure the Google app's Storage permission is turned on (it defaults to off for some odd reason). If Storage permission is off, files go to a protected system directory called /document that can only be accessed by the Google app. If Storage permission is on, then files go to the standard /Download directory that the user can easily access.

    Go to Settings>Apps, select the Google app, tap Permissions, then turn on Storage permission.
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    06-16-2020 12:25 AM

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