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    I now have the video but now the drive is called Local Disk (D: and within it folders it contains ANDROID., LOST.DIR, VIDEO. I am very concerned because it seems as though all my previous folders have been been wiped out from the Seagate External Drive. Almost as though as Seagate is non existent. When I right click on Local Drive (D: and click on "restore previous version" and click on the tab "hardware" Seagate is right under Samsung and they are both seen as disk drives. I tried clicking on Seagate and making it open but no luck. I just hope I can get my files back.
    08-25-2020 07:37 PM
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    Most likely that external drive was formatted as NTFS, from Windows. Android can't write to that, were you asked to format it or in any way set it up for use on Android? If you did that, it likely did wipe out the drive. You'll need to find some software that can recover that.

    Those folders you see are standard for a drive that was connected to an Android device.

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    08-25-2020 07:49 PM

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