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    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to see if anyone may know how to do this. I created a backup of my phone on Huawei HiSuite on my desktop. It was all saved into one folder.

    I uploaded this folder to Google Drive for safekeeping. My phone crashed 2 weeks later and I needed to do a restore.

    I downloaded this backup folder from Google Drive and then stuck it in the same directory that HiSuite would use.

    The problem is now it doesn't seem to recognize any backup files.

    These are the screenshots of the error message and file paths:
    https:// i.ibb.co / kDwCycg / backup.png

    Thank you!
    10-20-2020 11:35 PM
  2. c4l8t's Avatar
    I wanted to emphasize the file path where I stuck the downloaded Google Drive backup is the same as where it actually should be... the same file path HiSuite uses

    I'm attaching better screenshots

    Thank you all again!
    Attached Thumbnails Huawei HiSuite Restore -Re-inserting backup saved in Google Drive to HiSuite Backup folder-backup.png  
    10-21-2020 12:02 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I made you the post owner of the original post of the thread.
    10-21-2020 02:04 AM

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