1. Amirreza Monsef Esfahani's Avatar
    I have a xiaomi poco f2 pro device working on android 10 and it has this little connection bug which is a little annoying while using google play or internet browsing and also distrupts background updating and synching process; the problem is while the device is connected to the data network and the data switch has been on for a while it gets into a bug that browsers and play store tell no internet access while at the same time network diagnostics says internet connection and speed are normal and some other apps like vpns or call of duty mobile work well online and only way to fix this is turn the data switch off and back on again to get rid of errors, i even thaught it might be related to data saving options but couldn't find any or any background app restrictions in the affected apps like chrome and firefox and play store. It comes down to rebooting the data connection every time i want to use the affected apps or else it says no internet while in reality it IS connected to the internet but thatts the easy part to deal with as it gets fixed by rebooting the data switch the hard thing to deal with is synching and update stuff which is harder to fix and i have to clear app cache and reset network and clear download manager cache and also sometimes use a vpn specially for play store and synching with xiaomi cloud and even posting this question is also a bug itself as i have to use a vpn to be able to upload this to Mi comunity
    This minor bug is not a big deal most of the times but can get in the way and is really a pain as mentioned above
    Has anyone dealed with the same problem or happen to know a way to fix this?
    10-29-2020 04:19 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Does this only happen on mobile data, or also on wi-fi? Are you always using a VPN? If so, what if you turn off the VPN?
    10-29-2020 10:01 AM
  3. Amirreza Monsef Esfahani's Avatar
    Hey thanks for your response
    As i almost always use mobile data haven't noticed this issue on wifi but tested this issue on wifi only once and it didnt happen then as if i was using data it would have happened on data network undoubtedly
    No I don't have an always on vpn and this google chrome problem happens both with and without vpn
    10-31-2020 04:36 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Who's your carrier? Have you asked them about this? Make sure your APN settings are correct for your carrier, and also look for the Reset Network Settings option in your system settings and try that.
    10-31-2020 12:10 PM

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