1. Pio Halzaida's Avatar
    How do you throttle and control the bandwidth internet data on your phone (both upload and download speeds)? What app can throttle or control the bandwidth data speeds for other apps?

    For example, there is a specific app that I would like for it to significantly use less data then it normally uses because of international data caps. For further example, I would like to be able to allow chrome and whatsapp to only allow 50kbits/s, how would I go about doing so and what apps are good at doing this?
    02-08-2021 04:07 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Another team member has suggested that it may be necessary to first root the phone in order to use such apps. However, this is a highly technical question which most of us here could not answer, and you may find that XDA Forums members are better able to help, if you post your question there as well.
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    02-09-2021 05:37 AM
  3. hallux's Avatar
    You can throttle the speed, but if it's eventually loading the page you're still using the same amount of data. I guess by slowing the loading you'll have less ability to browse more pages...
    02-09-2021 07:48 AM

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