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    Anyone is welcome to ask a question here about the Android system. If you are a member, and someone answers, you can give further details or clarification if required. But if you are not a member, you cannot.

    Therefore, if you wish to ask a question and remain a non-member, give it your best shot. Be sure to provide all relevant details, such as:

    • Type of device;

    • Whether a carrier/network device, or SIM-free;

    • Whether bought new or used;

    • Whether the device may have incurred damage, such as from impact or water;

    • What version of the OS;

    • Whether the trouble is on Wifi, mobile data, or both;

    • The source from which any troublesome apps or software were downloaded;

    • What you’ve already tried to fix the problem;

    • What message appears if you try to do something, but are unable;

    • What you were doing before the problem occurred;

    • Whether you are using an SD card;

    • Whether the device software has been modified or customised;

    • Whether there were recent repairs;

    ...And so on. If in doubt, it is better to tell us too much than too little.

    If you don't tell us enough, we shan't be able to answer properly, and your opportunity to get advice will have been wasted.

    If you have difficulty with English, use your own language, or Google Translate.

    Remember that you are of course free to register as a member - nothing bad happens if you do - and you will then be able to respond to those who offer help. It can be rewarding to watch your own thread grow as more and more members, yourself included, contribute to it.

    05-27-2021 06:04 PM

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