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    Anyone in Central Louisiana area have Sprint and according to Sprints recommendation switched their SIM card to a T-Mobile service? If so, how is your cell data service. Mine is terrible. Not sure if it is my phone or the service.
    12-08-2021 02:13 PM
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    I use Ting for my cellular service and several months ago when it switched from Sprint to T-Mobile's cellular network the changeover was OK but not as seamless as I had hoped. For a few days signal strength was often sporadic but after I created a new APN listing using the settings on my carrier's website things worked a lot better. If you go here, to T-Mobile's site, use their recommended APN settings to create a new APN entry:
    Be sure to use the exact spelling and don't add or skip spaces, and when you select your new entry be sure to reboot your phone so it gets loaded into memory. You're probably better off creating a new entry than editing an existing one just in case you need to go back to the original one. When you switched SIM cards it should have created a new APN listing automatically but if that process didn't work out than just having a 'clean' APN listing might help.
    If that doesn't make any difference you might wan to try installing this Opensignal app:
    It's primarily a bandwidth testing utility but in one of the app's tabs there's a handy maps feature that shows the locations of the nearest cellular tower/access points (with a filter for each of the major carriers). This won't fix anything but it might help you decide it's time to switch carriers if T-Mobile just doesn't provide enough coverage where you reside.
    Is there a local T-Mobile shop nearby? Have you tried going there to see if they have any suggestions?
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    12-08-2021 08:28 PM
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    I'll leave a Link to register so you can communicate here as a guest account you can only post questions but can't reply

    12-08-2021 08:55 PM
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    My friend switched her Sim card from Sprint to T-MOBILES. She said said the service was crap. She also said she lost coverage in areas she had before. It sounds like a lot of customers are saying the same thing. She told me directly that Sprints service was better. Thanks FCC and Trump administration. The previous administration was not opposed to the T-Mobile/Sprint merger.
    12-18-2021 02:27 PM

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