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    How do I wipe partition to resolve UID error on the Droid Bionic?
    06-13-2014 09:16 PM
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    How do I wipe partition to resolve UID error on the Droid Bionic?
    Performing a factory reset should resolve this issue. Do this from within the device system settings or via recovery:

    - Power off the device.
    - When powered off, hold volume up+volume down+power.
    - Use volume down to highlight recovery then press volume up to select.
    - When you see the android with exclamation mark, press both volume up+volume down at the same time.
    - Use volume down to select wipe/clear data and power to accept.
    - Reboot.

    Be sure to backup and sync your device beforehand as everything will be cleared (except the sd card).
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    06-13-2014 09:55 PM

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