1. gdawg78's Avatar
    'Sup Y'all...

    I'm a new convert to Android, I've been (and still am) an Apple guy for a long time, but recently I've bought a new phone to divide my personal life (iPhone) and work life (Nexus 5). I must say I've been blown away by the Android OS and the phone itself, as far as functionality go's it blows the iPhone out of the water! I've been using IFTT and set up some great little automations, great device all round!

    However, I'd like to set it to task to do some work related things and hopefully you (experts) can point me in the right direction.

    I'd like to find some apps to do the following, note: they must be from the Play store, as I want to keep things 'on the level':

    • Record all calls (incoming and outgoing... if they could save to my dropbox account or Google Drive that would be preferable... A quick search shows up a bunch, I'm happy to pay for an app to do this but it has to be reliable...)
    • Is there an app where I can make/receive calls and texts from my Mac to my phone
    • iMessage; can this be set up on the Android (in a safe fashion)

    Thanks for taking the time to read through this post (its a great site too BTW, so good work to the admins!), I love the phone and it'd be great to be pointed in the right direction.

    Many thanks

    06-18-2014 09:02 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I don't believe there is any way to install iMessage on Android. A while ago, someone came up with a workaround app, but it was quickly removed due to security concerns. iMessage for Android looks like a great way to compromise your security | The Verge

    What do you mean by making or receiving calls and texts from your Mac to your phone? Are you talking about being able to communicate directly between your Mac and your phone? Or are you talking about using your Mac to make calls based on your phone's signal?
    06-20-2014 02:11 AM
  3. gdawg78's Avatar
    Hey B. Diddy,

    Thanks for the reply, I've done some research into iMessage and yes it would appear that, yup, that is iOS only, which I guess is fair enough!

    As for the phone recorder, I've tried, and successfully got working Call Recorder Pro so I can check that one off the list too!

    As for the making or receiving calls, I was hoping there was something similar to Apple's 'handoff' but I suspect I'm just 'wishing with this.

    One last thing, I can't seem to get Cisco IPSec working with the Naitive VPN on the phone, can you (or anyone) recommend a VPN client that does Cisco IPSec (with shared secret, not certificate based) VPN.

    Thanks again for your help, and the welcome!
    06-20-2014 04:01 AM
  4. Dr Rose's Avatar
    Yes,I'm afraid Cisco doesn't work on Native VPN client however it seems like the following version of Cisco Any connect works on Android 4.X:

    I think it worth to give it shot.
    06-20-2014 11:53 AM
  5. gdawg78's Avatar
    Hi Dr Rose,

    Thanks for your reply, very helpful indeed, sadly though the Cisco Any Connect does not support IPSec with shared secret, it only does the certificate based version (of which my older SRP 527W router does not support :-( ).

    If anyone has other ideas I'm open to trying...

    06-20-2014 07:50 PM

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