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  1. AntonioDJ's Avatar
    Hello --

    I recently acquired an ASUS Padfone X through my wireless carrier, AT&T. However, I am considering returning it because the 'pad' does not work without the 'fone', so you cannot have the 2 devices running individually at the same time.

    I would like advice from you as to whether the Padfone is a worthy investment, as an Android device. Specifically, after seeing the presentations from Google I / O, I need to know if this device will have the "L" variant of the Android OS provided.

    Furthermore, two of the reasons that I am not satisfied with the Padfone is that the speakerphone sounds 'tinny', and the pictures that I took with the camera came out lousy. I am thinking that I might be better satisfied with a different Android phone, OR the iPhone 6, because it will probably be the same size of the Asus 'fone', which I do like AND Apple always improves its cameras with each iteration of their devices.

    Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration of my dilemma.

    ~Antonio :-)
    06-27-2014 02:44 AM
  2. rlridgeway's Avatar
    Since your main need seems to be with using two physical devices at the same time, you may want to compare the fone part of the pad to other phones. The phone itself is high quality but other phones may be a shade better with sound, picture quality, or some other element.

    I am not sure when or if the padfone will get Android L. I would think most newer Android phones would get it eventually but I may be wrong. I would look at the quality of a phone as they exist and not depend on OS upgrades to fix problems. If you get an Iphone the issue would be moot.

    The Padfone X is a great bargain for my needs but I do not need two devices working at the same time. I like having a phone that converts to a tablet while retaining the abilty to make calls and texts while docked. The fact that both the phone and pad use one data plan is great.The speaker level could be a little louder but its adequate and not a deal killer for me. The camera has worked great for me.
    06-27-2014 11:43 AM

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