Should I purchase a Pixel XL in May or wait for the next version?


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Jan 2, 2016
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Hi Guys, I know it is a bit early for me to be thinking about this as I will be eligible to upgrade in May. I might do it a month early in April and pay the one months installment to be able to do it sooner. I have a galaxy S7 Edge now and I love the phone. Samsung was my first android phone coming from apple. I like the android experience more overall. I am very intrigued by the Pixel because of the free storage for full res pics and videos. I also like the fast software updates. The only things about the S7 Edge that I think I would miss is the wireless charging and water resistance. Other than that I think the Pixel XL is a great device. So my struggle is going to be if it will be worth it in April/May to get a Pixel XL or wait another 4-5 months for gen 2? I am also debating with the S8 Edge/Plus or whatever it may be called depending on the specs and how I feel when it's released. But I do really like the idea of the google offering with it being very software/hardware optimized. So I guess it is hard to say right now but figured I would see what peoples thoughts are on the Pixel XL in a few months?


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Nov 4, 2013
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I say wait. It's not that many months and if the new version of the phone doesn't interest you then you can always get the first one at a lower price at that point.
You also have a few months now to check out the new batch of phones to be released soon by a lot of companies...Samsung in particular.

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