1. Unregistered's Avatar
    my note 10.1 tablet 2014 edition is full functional however has no screen display. it doesn't have a cracked LCD nor have I ever dropped it. I can hear my table responding through touch screen however no display. is there anything I can do to fix this instead of sending it away to repair?
    07-02-2014 07:25 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    If you reboot the tablet, does the Samsung logo appear at all? If not, try booting into 'Safe Mode' (with the device powered off, press and hold the Power, Home, and Volume Up buttons until it boots). Does it light up then?

    If not in either case, chances are your display is 'broken'. It could be just a loose connector or it might be the display controller that got damaged (the latter would be more expensive), or in the worst case scenario, the entire display just died.

    In any case, this device is not a year old yet, so unless there's water damage inside, any faulty display should still be covered under warranty.
    07-02-2014 08:21 AM

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