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    A couple of years ago I purchased a 7" ANDROID 4.0 PC TABLET NETBOOK MID WiFi EPAD APAD TOUCHSCREEN (described as a Softwiner Evb7 tablet) Unfortunately the WiFi has stopped working. When you turn on the WiFi in settings all you get is "turning on wifi" in the righthand column and thats as far as it goes. There are no available networks displayed and the tabs (top right of screen) scan and add network are not lit up, so do not work. The advance settings tab(Column of 3 small boxes displayed top right coner of screen) works, but when opened the display shows
    Network ntification box "ticked"
    Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep box is marked as "always"
    MAC address "unavailable"
    IP address "unavailable"
    It' almost as if the WiFi software has been deleted or the tablet can no longer access it? Any usefull advice on how to correct this problem would be most appreciated. I have already tried the usual switch off device, leave for ten minutes then turn back on; do a factory reset using settings: but neither of these work. Heres Hoping?
    07-05-2014 07:37 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Has the device received any updates?
    07-05-2014 09:51 AM

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