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    I noticed that sometimes when I open up a text message and I start to text - no text will pop up in the text box; however, my text suggestions appear in their normal spot. But, when I choose one of these text suggestions - nothing happens and nothing will appear in the text box. And, the "Send" button remains grayed out.

    Also, my notifications on apps such as Facebook will not disappear after I check them. They won't disappear when I kill the tasks either. The only time they disappear is when I lock my phone and open it back up.

    And finally, my clock will not update on my lock screen. So for instance, if I lock my phone at 4:35 and open it back up at 4:45, the lock screen will say 4:35 but the taskbar at the very top will show the correct time. And, sometimes when I open up my lock screen, I have no clock and its just blank space with the words "Swipe Screen to Unlock" - like normal - at the bottom.

    When is there going to be an update? I got this phone 9 days ago and I already regret it (I came from an iPhone). I have the Samsung Note 3.
    07-08-2014 04:30 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Try booting into Recovery and wiping the cache partition: Reset: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 | T-Mobile Support

    Otherwise, since the phone is new, you may want to consider asking for a replacement.
    09-04-2014 01:50 AM

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