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    I have an HTC One M7 running Android 4.4.2

    I have searched all over for an answer to this, and haven't found anything definitive. I need my messaging app to have it's own separate notification sound, not part of the generic "notification sound" set up in settings/sound/notification sound. I have gone into the messaging app, selected settings/received messages: notification sound, and set the sound I wanted. When I get a page, I still just get the standard notification sound that is selected in my phone's settings.

    I need a separate, LOUD, notification for sms, as I have on-call duties. I don't want to be woken up in the middle of the night for some useless notification. The generic response I have seen to similar posts is to download this app or that app. What I want to know is, if you can supposedly set a notification sound within the messaging app, why doesn't it work?
    07-14-2014 12:03 PM
  2. Victoria-nola's Avatar
    Hi, I'm a brand new HTC One M7 user, after using a Galaxy S2 for a couple of years. I have been able to set the sound for sms via the sms app as you describe, and it retains the separate sound. So, it does work on some phones, for sure. However, on the S2, there were 4 volume controls-- music/games/media, phone ringtone, notifications, and system. So you could set the system volume low, and notifications up high. On the HTC, you have phone ringtone, music, alarms, and notifications. So there is no way to get a separate volume for sms notifications. Apparently.

    I vastly prefer the range of sounds that I had access to on the S2-- there was more variety (to my ears) between the sounds, but I get it I can d/l better ones. If you set the sms sound to be a longer naturally louder one, and the system sound to be a very short more muted one, you can probably learn to tell the difference in your sleep.

    How you can get your phone to recognize the diff sound for sms, not clear to me. But I thought I could at least share that it's not a universal problem. And, I got major help for two very puzzling problems from this site today, I'm impressed. Oh-- I'm running Android 5.03.651.3. Maybe you should update to the newest version?
    09-24-2014 08:22 PM

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